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I appreciate the attention people have given to THE DEEP. It feels like John Barry hasn't been getting his dues lately - certainly not as much as he should be. Perhaps it's because so much of it is available already and what remains unreleased is a licensing or master element issue. In any case, thank you for supporting this project. It appears we only have about 450 copies left after the first day of sales. I don't think the remaining quantity will last too much longer - though stranger things have happened - so you may want to consider the album before too many more days have passed. I realize this set ain't cheap but I'd like anyone who really wants the album in their collection to have a chance to get it.


It looks like we may offer just one new release next Tuesday (August 31) mainly because it's a pretty big title. One of the most requested soundtracks from the seventies, we've assembled an ambitious 2-CD set requiring two studios to make the project possible. One studio owned the original LP rights for the hit album that came out when the picture was released and the other studio controlled the rights to the complete score. We're proud to make this one happen after years of negotiating. Over a half hour of previously unreleased music appears, written by one of the most famous of all multi Oscar-winning composers! This one comes from that incredible period that saw stuff like JAWS, STAR WARS, CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND, THE BOYS FROM BRAZIL, CAPRICORN ONE and... well you get the idea. Anyway, we'll have the title and audio samples posted on our site this Monday, August the 30th. 3000 copies will be available, the maximum quantity we can produce based on our lengthy negotiations. So you may want to jump on this one pretty quickly if it appeals to you. It sure appeals to me!


I just returned from a very pleasant out of town trip, opened up a copy of SPACECAMP to enjoy and heard a minor but none-the-less annoying jump by a few frames during track 12, about 30 seconds in. Eeehhh! Being a perfectionist, I'm contacting our manufacturer (which on this project was Sony) and asking for a new master for approval as well as replacement discs. The process will probably take about 4 weeks or so. We'll mail out replacement copies free of charge to anyone who needs one. We'll even pay the postage. Just give us time to get everything squared away. Some people have said they don't notice any error. But I do. Anyway, the moment we receive the new pressings, I will spotlight it here. You don't even have to return anything. Just holler after I post the message and we'll send you out a new copy. It's that simple. (Though nothing else in this wacky business ever really seems to be simple.)


A quick reminder for customers ordering limited edition titles that are selling quickly. If you order more than one copy of a popular title after we have posted "one to a customer" on our site, be prepared to receive just one copy. No surprise there. But for customers who may be playing the system by sending in duplicate orders, hoping each will get processed... be prepared to lose out. Jeff (and our robust NetSuite system) catches these duplicate orders. And Jeff gets pretty cranky about them. And none of us want him to get cranky because he's the guy that spearheads order processing to begin with. And when he gets cranky, he passes it onto George and Steve, who then get cranky packaging said orders for mailing. And somewhere in there it all gets passed on down to me, who hates being cranky. So PLEASE respect the "one to a customer" guidelines when we post them. Thanks.


Two more new releases are coming your way this Tuesday, August 17! We'll post artwork and samples for both CDs on Monday the 16th, sometime before we go home for the day.

One features an incredibly intense, action-oriented score for a tough eighties thriller, composed by a popular and very well-represented Oscar winner. In fact, it might just be his darkest score to date. Listeners will no doubt enjoy discovering such a grim side to this frequently bright musician. The other CD sports a reissue of a title first available as a generous LP when the movie opened in the eighties, then appearing again on a very short-lived CD a few years later. Yep. Another Oscar-winning composer showing off, here writing in his most popular and exciting style. Bold, robust, dynamic stuff. And a powerhouse finale that ranks with the best of 'em!

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