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 Post subject: November 2007
PostPosted: Tue Nov 10, 2009 2:40 pm 
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I got through last night with just one "funsize" Snickers bar. I don't eat much candy these days so I didn't mind. (It was all we had left after Halloween treat-seekers finished knocking on the door, anyway.)

On that subject, Jeff and George got a treat of their own. Yep. Say hello to Steve, our newest hamster. Starting this afternoon, he'll be running around in our mailroom, lending two more paws to the workload. (Do hamsters have paws? I wonder.) Anyway, he'll also help Wendy with the paperwork. As for me, now freed from the rigors of our Intrada treadwheel, I get to isolate myself in a huge glass cubicle on the top floor and goof off - the goal of every producer. So I'm told.

Okay, so it's not a glass cubicle. I admit there's not even a top floor. In fact, I'll still be sticking mailing labels on boxes and sharing my desk with George at lunch time. So I can't goof off, yet. But maybe Steve'll help make it a possibility someday!


Make sure you visit us Monday evening. In kind, we'll post our latest Special Collection release for you to consider. It's only been four days since HARRY AND THE HENDERSONS arrived but we're preparing for the holidays ahead. And we've got plenty of things to release before the year ends. Next week's CD takes you into the future circa movie technology of the 1980's. Fortunately, the movie makers had a big orchestra to play with, too!

On that futuristic note, our feast for Thanksgiving is special. Since some of you may not be familiar with this uniquely American celebration, it comes on November 22. Our offering that week will be exciting. And I'm not just talking turkey, either.

Three more releases are slotted for December, assuming all goes well. And just so you know we're not taking any breaks next month, we've got another special item already slated for January to start 2008 off with a bang. It's a great time for soundtrack fans!


Coming up for air just long enough to let you know we've got a wacky schedule going on next week. Jeff's getting married this weekend and I'm giving him a few days off for his honeymoon. Alas, I wish I could give him more time off right now but with the holidays coming up both next week (Veteran's Day) and two weeks later (Thanksgiving), sorry Jeff and Stacey. No such luck.

We've also got an exciting release arriving next week. We'll post it on the 15th and begin shipping orders on the 19th. That'll be on a Monday rather than our customary Tuesday. (Hopefully our hamsters won't be so thrown off their rockers that they end up sending out wedding announcements instead of orders!)

Anyway, I anticipate a solid response to this one. It took considerable time and expense. And it's a two-CD set, no less. I'd even say it's a killer of an album. Of course, I know what it is and whom it's by so I can say this and get away with it.

But soon you'll know, too. I'm reasonably confident you'll agree it was worth the effort!


Those following this will enjoy knowing Jeff's wedding ceremony on Sunday was simply beautiful! He and Stacey are now enjoying a few days to themselves. Which also means George and Steve are flying without a pilot in the mail room, of course. I may be the guy who signs the checks around here but back in the mail room Jeff's our MVH. I can pinch hit okay but Jeff's easily our most valuable hamster. On the other hand, I'd like to see him transpose oboe lines up a full step so muted trumpet players can double the parts. Then again, if I were a betting person (which I'm not) I'd bet you'd rather I leave processing orders to Jeff, transposing oboe parts to the likes of Williams and Broughton - and just continue doing what I do best. (Assuming I can figure out whatever that is.)

On the CD front, our big Thanksgiving release is already in stock. We'll post it this Thursday evening as promised and begin shipping orders on Monday the 19th. I don't like to oversell our stuff but I think this one is a "wow" title. (Hey, maybe thinking is what I do best.) Anyway, worry not. Jeff will be back at the end of this week to make sure I don't screw up and paste all the mailing labels upside down!


Setting aside the nice response to ALIEN for a moment, I hope you won't overlook the fabulous CD Varese Sarabande just issued to MR. MAGORIUM'S WONDER EMPORIUM. It's scored by Alexandre Desplat in collaboration with Aaron Zigman. What a gem!

There's a full orchestra at work here but what these guys spotlight are airy strings, flighty woodwinds, sparkling celeste, piano and all manner of delicate percussion. Betraying simplicity, it's actually an incredibly busy score with runs and trills up the wazoo.

And we get a theme!! What a rareity today. I'm talking a real melody, too - one that supports harmonies both major and minor and actually plays for more than two notes. There are nods to John Williams (no complaints) and nods to Tchaikovsky (still no complaints) and fresh ideas to spare!

By all means, get ALIEN and scare the acorns off your oak trees! But try to pick up MR. MAGORIUM'S WONDER EMPORIUM, too. It'll put the color back in your cheeks.


If you're reading this you've managed to find the site. It's available but the path to it has been torpedoed. Until our webmaster sorts it out, use the following:

You can also get there through your usual links, bookmarks and whatnot.

If you're waiting for your copy of ALIEN, hang on. We're working as fast as we can. With Thanksgiving coming up tomorrow, orders will be delayed an extra day or so. In any case, if you call to see if your order has been shipped you'll most likely just slow down the processing of someone else's.

So please have mercy on the guys in the mail room. They need it right now!


I guess you folks like Goldsmith! We're up to our third re-pressing on THE WIND AND THE LION and the first 3000 copies of ALIEN didn't even last a week! Both titles will be back in stock very soon. We've got extended licenses on them and will be keeping them in our active catalog for years to come.

Now if we can just keep them in stock!


So it really is an incredible period for soundtrack collectors. I like to think our new ALIEN leads the pack but those two new Herrmann releases from Stromberg & Morgan look pretty exciting, too. Plus we've still got brisk sales happening with THE WIND AND THE LION, MONSIGNOR and HARRY AND THE HENDERSONS, too. Add a new batch of "club" titles about to arrive from Varese Sarabande and we've got a genuine soundtrack flood.

Of course, with all that excitement comes the following plea: If you're waiting for an order, particularly one with ALIEN in it, please hang in there. We've been slammed like never before. Even with our new hamster (Steve), we can only cover so much ground in a day. With all of the holiday shopping going on right now, not only are my hamsters working overtime but the ones that work for the post office most certainly are, too.

By the way. If you ordered ALIEN before Thanksgiving, you're copy is safely in processing or already on it's way. (Many of you have it already.) If you ordered one after the holiday, our newest batch will arrive in just a few days. Actually, those are claimed already, too. But we'll have yet another batch coming shortly so no one will miss out. Don't worry, we'll keep this one coming for years to come! I truly thank Jerry up there for writing it - and I thank you all down here for making it a success!

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