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 Post subject: Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown (and don't come back!!) - 1980
PostPosted: Thu Jan 04, 2018 9:25 pm 

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I stumbled across this forum and indeed this label today, looking for the Duel OST from 1971, and I must admit I'm extremely impressed with what I've seen so far. Saw someone else post a request for Snoopy Come Home so I was wondering if I could suggest another Peanuts film - namely Bon Voyage Charlie Brown, scored by Ed Bogas and Judy Munsen.

I positively adore this film's score, with it's sweeping strings mixed with rolling guitars and touches of hip-hop/soft rock, and indeed have made a few crude attempts to isolate it from the film's raw audio - and when I posted one of them, plus a few homebrew covers of other tracks from it, I found a whole bunch of people asking me to put up more scores from the film, I'm not the only one who remembers it fondly! If this were ever to be released - or if I could even help in the remastering process - I could absolutely die happy and I know others in the same mindset. ;-)

I've actually done extensive research into this (as far as an amateur fan can be at least, it's rather a passion of mine) and it seems that Paramount still hold the film's mono stems for Voc/Mus/SFX as evidenced by their separate usages in a BTS featurette from only a few years ago. Going by this it would actually be feasible to release the soundtrack just by the film's raw music stem alone, as very few tracks were modified or edited in the final cut - I'd made an unofficial cuesheet pointing out what would need to be done however, when I was trying to pitch this to Paramount directly, which I shall post below.

If it would be more economically viable to release it in a two-pack I'd recommend the score to the previous film, Race For Your Life Charlie Brown - my notes on that are not nearly as extensive (yet) but I can safely say that whilst the score to that film is almost as good as this one, whoever originally edited the music cues for the final cut did not exactly cut them very well... :D

All track names are placeholders in lieu of the original cuesheets being located.

"( )" - indicates which motif the cue is based around, unless the theme is unique.
"[ ]" - brief notes on noteworthy features of the composition, structure, or arrangement of a cue.
"{ }" - notes, memos and other 'meta' comments for actual production.
An ">" by the track duration indicates the cue ends with a segue into the next cue, so they therefore could possibly all be considered part of a single "track". This is NOT an indication of the final track layout, as they may still be split up if the original individual recordings are found.
A "?" in the same place means that the cue is edited, cut off, faded-out, or overlaps with another cue, so the track time may not be an accurate representation of the "true" track length.


01. Boogie Woogie w/ Storm SFX - 0:50 - [Based on Jimmy Dorsey's version rather than Clarence Smith's original] {Take the film audio w/ SFX and fadeout verbatim as an introduction, as we'll be using this cue fully later.}

02. Titles (Le Chateau) - 0:41 - {The strings go off-key on the last sustain, though it's not obvious whether this is from the actual recording or a defect in the tape - correct or leave as is?}

03. The Letter (Charlie Brown's Theme) - 1:03 - [Only version to keep the beat going over the B section chords, and the opening vamp is otherwise only used in (37)]

04. Not Such a Great Honour ('Peppermint' Patty's Theme I) - 0:43 - [Patty actually appears to have two motifs in this film, this being the first.]

05. Golf Practice (Snoopy's Theme) - 0:46> - {May have to edit the last note slightly, the next cue cuts in a little too soon to be aesthetically pleasing on the ear...}

06. Travel Light ('Peppermint' Patty's Theme II) - 1:32?> - [The first time we hear the second motif for Peppermint Patty, this one more often heard when she's in a group with the other characters but is still undoubtably 'her' theme] {there's an obvious cut in the music about 0:53 in, so there's an extended version out there...}

07. "Don't Embarrass Us..." (Charlie Brown's Theme) - 0:39> - [A very different arrangement to any of its other uses, this cue also contains a flute harmony not heard in other takes of this theme]

08. Bon Voyage/First Class (Snoopy's Theme) - 1:34 - [The slowest take of Snoopy's theme and possibly the most "complete" usage as even the extended (16) skips a few passages heard here]

09. Coffee, Tea, Or Milk? - 1:40> - [This track is probably one of the easiest to miss out of the entire score, as it only plays very quietly under heavy SFX from the cabin ambience]

10. "Monsieur Charles..." (Le Chateau) - 2:40? - [Very nice piano arpeggios on this one. The only cue to include the 'C' section of this motif]

11. Laughing Bunnies - 0:30 - {The theremin sound on the last few notes appears to be part of the SFX track - should it be included?}

12. Over Glasgow (I Want To Remember This) - 1:20> - [The flute harmony here is only heard on this cue]

13. Nothing to Declare (A Very British Medley) - 0:58 - {The cut to the minor key flute section appears rather abrupt and may be part of a different take. Might need revision}

14. Baggage (Snoopy's Theme) - 1:00 - [The last time this theme includes Woodstock's 'motif - the piano trills - the only others being (05) and (08). It reappears in both versions of (44), but it's use in the broadcast replacement is only by coincidence as that track was a pre-recorded public domain track]

15. Wimbledon (A Very British Medley) - 2:05 - [The only take of this cue to include the opening phrase]

16. The Ball Was In! (Snoopy's Theme) - 1:39 - [This cue heavily expands upon Snoopy's motif]

17. Beaf 'an Ked-na' Pie - 0:21> - [Not counting the two whistled tracks, this is the only cue to use a single instrument] {appears to suffer heavy reverb and sounds very watery, check studio rec's for a dry mix?}

18. Victoria Station (A Very British Medley) - 1:55> - {The second bar in this suddenly becomes very rushed in tempo before righting itself, although it appears that's actually how it was performed - should it be corrected, or left in for authenticity?}

19. I Want to Remember This - Vocal - 1:25 - {See if an instrumental recording exists for a bonus track? - unlikely though}

20. The Hovercraft - 1:24 - {One of only a handful of tracks that need editing - the last note fades out too quickly}

21. A Great G.I. ('Peppermint' Patty's Theme II) - 0:46 - [Contains an different resolution in the B section compared to other versions of this theme]

22. Le Pied Au Nez?(Joy Riding) - 0:36 - {Include the SFX of the car starting at the beginning of this track}

23. The Dotted Line (Joy Riding) - 0:16> - {This may actually be an identical recording to the last cue, just missing the first verse - it's hard to tell.}

24. Detained in Morreville (Journey) - 1:49 - [It's subtle, but the melody is slightly different between the second and forth verses, most obvious in the piano line]

25. Un Loaf de Bread (Joy Riding) - 1:13> - [A much slower, almost waltz-like version of (22-23)]

26. Enchanté (Pierre's Theme) - 1:47> - [The first time Pierre's theme is heard, and the only time it is used in minor key]

27. A Waltz In Heavy Weather - 1:12 - {I have a feeling the melody here may be a riff on another cue, but it's hard to tell due to how inaudible it is}

28. Le Herone (Journey) - 1:22 - {This may also be an identical recording to (24), but with slightly different editing. Again, it's slightly hard to tell.}

29. A Minor Shock (Le Chateau) - 0:22 - [This mirrors the first verses of the titles version (02), both in score and cinematography - however, it is in minor key here]

30. Nobody Home (Le Chateau) - 1:47> - [The first 'Mal Voisin' cue to use a warbling, 'rolling' electric guitar - it comes back with a shrieking vengeance in (43) and (45)]

31. Strangers In a Strange Place (Charlie Brown's Theme) - 1:15> - [This is the only time Charlie's motif is heard in minor key]

31.5. Headin' Out (Snoopy's Theme) - 0:26?> - {this track is whistled and may not be part of the music track - consider inclusion anyway? If so, perhaps edit the crickets/frog croaking as part of the rhythm? They almost fit as is...}

32. Happy Hour - 0:28 - {Both uses of this cue have the first few seconds muffled slightly, may want to go hunting for the originals, especially if the whistling is on the music stem} (Funnily enough this is a very loosely re-interpreted version of the minor section of (26), thus technically making this and (41) versions of Pierre's theme )

33. Boogie Woogie - 0:30 - [This is the only time this cue is heard in full, and demonstrates how condensed it is compared to the full Dorsey version]

34. Juke-Box Medley (A Sentimental Journey/A Long, Long Time/Rum and Coca-Cola/I'll Be Seeing You/Boogie Woogie) - 1:59 - {These work perfectly well as a medley, but I'm certain the middle three are separate cues spliced together, even if the edits are only slight. May want to search the archives for these...}

35. Sunrise Surprise (I Want To Remember This) - 1:41 - [The introductory bars of this cue are unique to this theme, not heard on the other two recordings]

36. Pass The Sausage ('Peppermint' Patty's Theme I) - 1:31> - [The only version of this theme not to have a piano carry the melody]

37. Chuck's Tales of Mild Discomfort ('Peppermint' Patty's Theme II / Charlie Browns Theme) - 1:40 - [Not counting Woodstock's motif, this is one of only two recordings that 'mash-up' two different themes. (38) is the other one]

38. Another Fine Mess ('Peppermint' Patty's Theme I, II, III) - 3:59 - [This marries together both of Peppermint Patty's theme motifs with a third - not heard elsewhere - bridging them all]

39. Don't Walk So Close ('Peppermint' Patty's Theme II) - 0:31> - [In terms of style and instrumentation, appears to be an alternate take of (37)]

40. Questions (Le Chateau) - 0:54> - [The introductory bars here are unique to this cue]

40.5. Rum And Coca-Cola - 0:17> - {Same comments as (31.5)}

41. Happy Hour - 0:14 - {A slightly edited version of (32), but otherwise identical}

42. Grave Danger (Le Chateau) - 0:33> - [The only time this theme is played as a waltz in minor]

43. En Guarde (Le Chateau) - 2:27 - [This cue appears be the only one out of the whole score to use a pipe organ, and it's only used on two chords!]

44. Two o'Clock Jump - 1:26? - {Another track that may need editing - the last note cuts out abruptly, and the theme comes from fade in - although the first notes are still barely audible in the film}

45. Linus Investigates (Le Chateau) - 1:14?> - [This cue is different from it's partner (43), omitting almost two-thirds of the theme and replacing it with a completely different motif] {The opening and closing notes are very slightly cut off, but in the TV broadcast version - which replaces most of the music heard in the Cafe Des Sport, including (44) - the opening isn't, at least less so. Perhaps look into this? The very last sustain is also slightly cut off as it goes into the next cue}

46. Violette EnFleur (Le Chateau) - 1:44> - [The last of only three tracks to use Le Chateau's iconic bell in the motif, the others being (02) and (29), and also one of only a rare few tracks that change time signatures several times]

47. Le Baron - 0:21 - {This cue is notably very short, yet it's fadeout promises much more... Consider searching for a longer version?}

48. Le Chateau En Feu (Fire!) - 1:57> - [If you listen closely, the melody is slightly different than that in (50) - the second-last mordent in each chorus is different]

49. Off-road and Soaking Wet (Snoopy's Theme) - 0:31> - [The melody here is unique in that it starts two beats after it normally does in other versions, and the sections of the theme are played in reverse - B, then A.] {The last note is slightly cut off when the scene changes, and will need fixing}

50. Jump and Rescue (Fire!) - 2:53 - [The lead-in to the last verse - just as the firetruck arrives - contains a bum note that actually harmonises nicely in major instead of minor] {There may be a skip or cut between two takes just as it cuts away from Linus saving Violette, as the first note of the melody when the main motif kicks in again is cut off.}

51. Answers (Le Chateau) - 1:35> - [The string harmony is unique to this cue]

52. All Overcome (Pierre's Theme) - 0:32 - {The ending of this cue fades out a little quickly...}

53. A Small Memento (Le Chateau) - 0:15?> - [The shortest full cue in the film] {However, this is because it appears to be edited: there's a subtle cut in the second-last bar which indicated they may have been a second repeat of the melody, or that it's assembled together from two similar takes to extend it slightly. The first few notes are slightly slowed down as well - probably due to the original tapes warping slightly - which may need to be fixed.}

54. Summer Romances (Pierre's Theme) - 1:32> - [The tense sustain was obviously meant to occur just a little while after it actually did in the final film, with the resolve playing just as Marcie hugs Pierre. Such is editing...]

55. Final Goodbyes/End Credits (Charlie Brown's Theme) - 2:30? - {This track needs the most work: the first C-section is from an entirely different take so will need re-equalisation - on the percussion especially - and the third A-section through to the fourth are actually a repeat of everything before the first C-section, but the fourth verse and the second C-section are also completely botched in their editing, and the last note again fades out too quickly. Even though that first C-section is so obviously patched in there's something interesting to note is about it - whilst almost all of the entire film's score is at 22050Hz, this C-section (and this C-section only…) appears to be at at least 32000Hz. Another trip to the archives may be in order, but it would certainly be worth it to find two completely different takes of this impressive cue, especially in higher quality…}

Bonus track ideas for being even more anally comprehensive:
If any alternate takes of cues (or even unused ones!) can be found in the studio archives, they should be included.
If possible, locate and include the Public Domain jazz tracks used in some television broadcasts, that replace all those in 01, 33, 34, 44, and even 40.5
Perhaps consider including the electric synth version of (19) from the Portuguese dub too? (already have a relatively decent quality version without SFX/dialogue)

Total list of edits to be made, assuming only the film's stems are available and the original studio recordings cannot be located easily:

Smoothen the pitch on last sustain of (02)
Use the theremin SFX on (11) but pan it hard left or right so people can still have the recording with and without it.
Volume on (13) needs to be made consistent.
Last note of (14) may have to be de-faded and/or artificially extended.
Second bar of (15) may need to be retimed slightly.
Second bar of (18) may need to be retimed slightly.
Add SFX to beginning of (22), but not so it overlaps with the actual music.
Volume on (32) needs to be made consistent.
Volume on (41) needs to be made consistent.
Volume on (44) needs to be made consistent, and the last note may have to be artificially extended.
First note of (45) may need to be reconstructed slightly.
Last note of (49) may have to be artificially extended.
First bar of (53) will need to be speed-corrected.
Last note of (52) may have to be artificially extended.
Track (55) needs extensive editing - the first C-section needs re-equalisation, the fourth verse needs patching from it's earlier repeat (the second verse) and the last note needs de-fading and may have to be artificially extended slightly.

Going from the raw music track of the film, all tracks need a 10-20db treble boost from 3-10kHz and a 5db bass boost from 25-175Hz, and in some cases a bass reduction from below 25Hz to get rid of noise rumble (although this may be noise on the SFX/Vocal tracks being overlaid as opposed to being on the music track itself). For almost all cues, everything above 17kHz may be muted depending on preference as it only contains white noise.

Rough indication of total "track" times for cues that are or could be grouped together in relatively equal groups, as an estimation of the true overall running time (excluding bonus tracks):

Track 1 (01, 02) - 1:32
Track 2 (03, 04) - 1:47
Track 3 (05, 06, 07, 08) - 4:33 {unless full recording of (06) is found}
Track 4 (09, 10) - 3:41
Track 5 (11, 12, 13) - 2:50
Track 6 (14) - 1:00
Track 7 (15) - 2:05
Track 8 (16, 17, 18, 19) - 5:18
Track 9 (20, 21) - 1:11
Track 10 (22, 23, 24) - 2:41
Track 11 (25, 26, 27) - 4:11
Track 12 (28, 29) - 1:45
Track 13 (30, 31, 31.5, 32, 33) - 4:17
Track 14 (34) - 1:59 {unless full recordings are found}
Track 15 (35) - 1:41
Track 16 (36, 37) - 3:12
Track 17 (38) - 3:59
Track 18 (39, 40, 40.5, 41) - 1:55
Track 19 (42, 43) - 3:00
Track 20 (44) - 1:28 {unless full recording is found}
Track 21 (45, 46, 47) - 3:21 {unless full recording of (47) is found}
Track 22 (48, 49, 50) - 5:22
Track 23 (51, 52) - 2:06
Track 24 (53, 54, 55) - 4:19 {unless full recording of 55 is found}

Total rough running time (excluding potential bonus tracks): 71 minutes

Just for fun, a list of every motif heard in the score:

Le Chateau - used 11 times, total 14:21
Charlie Brown's Theme - used 5 times, total 5:57
Snoopy's Theme - used 6 times, total 5:46
A Very British Medley - used 3 times, total 4:58
Fire! - used 2 times, total 4:50
Peppermint Patty (2) - used 5 times, total 4:44
Pierre's Theme - used 5 times, total 4:33
I Want To Remember This - used 3 times, total 4:26
Journey - used 2 times, total 3:11
Peppermint Patty (1) - used 3 times, total 3:04
Joy Riding - used 3 times, total 2:05
Coffee, Tea, Or Milk? - used 1 time, total 1:40
Two o'Clock Jump - used 1 time, total 1:26
The Hovercraft - used 1 time, total 1:24
Boogie Woogie - used 3 times, total 1:14
A Waltz In Heavy Weather - used 1 time, total 1:12
"Rum and Coca-Cola" - used 2 times, total 0:47
Laughing Bunnies - used 1 time, total 0:30
Beaf 'an Ked-na' Pie - used 1 time, total 0:21
Le Baron - used 1 time, total 0:21

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